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April 11, 2014 The Art of Museum Viewing by Lentz, Smee, and Ranalli
April 04, 2014 The Environment and Climate Change in China by Isabel Hilton
March 18, 2014 A unique testimony about life in Nazi-occupied Paris by Guila Clara Kessous


December 06, 2013 Mozart, Memory, and the Modern Listener by Sean Gallagher
December 02, 2013 The Legacy of Bayard Rustin: Civil Rights Icon by Walter Naegle
November 22, 2013 Leadership in Response to the Boston Marathon Bombing by Leonard J. Marcus
November 14, 2013 How Harvard Can Help Save the World From Climate Change by Harvard Divest
Brynjolfsson and McAfee on The Second Machine Age
Greenwald on Creating the 9/11 Memorial Museum
Memorial Concert by Boston Wind Octet, Silverstein, and Wanger
Professor Altshuler on Singapore
Lentz, Smee, and Ranalli on The Art of Museum Viewing
Hilton on the Environment and Climate Change in China