Profession Before Retirement

Project administrator, the Boeing Company, Department of Defense, Missile Defense Program; Washington, DC

Interests & Pursuits

  • Activism
  • Advocacy for the homeless, particularly unsheltered youth and veterans, and suicide prevention
  • Learning about the sociopolitical and economic effects on history
  • Lifelong learning

A Few of My Favorite HILR Courses

  • The New Jim Crow taught by Peter and Charlotte Temin
  • Completing the Standard Model of Particle Physics – Higgs-Boson
  • What’s the Big Deal about Fracking
  • The New Machine Age – The effect of IT on Society
  • Slavery in the North
  • Why the European Union Matters (before Brexit)

Activities at HILR

  • Hiking trips
  • Foreign language meetups
  • Racial Justice Group (cofounder)
  • Informal international adventures with fellow members

What I Value about HILR

I intentionally moved to Cambridge, Mass., at a critical time in my life to be more purposeful in my activist efforts. My message was falling on deaf ears.  

Learning of The New Jim Crow course taught at HILR, I hoped for a message that could translate metrics of microinequities and blatant racial inequality in America. The material and expertise offered for this course equipped me to quantify data and present a clearer visual of my message. As a result, I was able to provide impetus for movements such as Black Lives Matter and garner responses from Hillary Clinton and the Huffington Post.

Harvard University houses a braintrust of brilliant minds, and I would recommend this program without reservation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. personally came to Petersburg, Va.—a stone’s throw from the confederate capital—to register my mother Evelyn Worrell and others to join the movement. Who am I not to make time to help others?

I never expected this experience to be so enriching educationally, socially, emotionally—and that I’d find friends from all walks of life.