Profession Before Retirement

Researcher, Materials Science, developing crystal growth technology for lasers, computers, and optical detectors.

Interests & Pursuits

History of science, early music, hiking, and studying nature

Courses Taught at HILR

  • The Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Continental Drift: the Theory of Alfred Wegener
  • Manmade Materials

A Few of My Favorite HILR Courses

  • Music of Franz Schubert
  • Economic Theory
  • Roman History
  • Courses on British novelists

Activities at HILR

  • Musical productions
  • Nature walks

What I Value about HILR

I love HILR for the opportunity to explore the parts of our culture that I was never able to delve into during my professional life. I enjoy exploring literature and art, as well as history and science. It has opened a world of ideas and thoughts that were inaccessible to me in my work life. Many of the best courses require intensive reasoning and deep thought.