Profession Before Retirement

Project manager, social science research and consulting, and international development projects

Interests & Pursuits

  • Music—appreciating, singing, and playing
  • Travel
  • Participation in national, state, and local politics
  • Volunteer with affordable housing and international education organizations

Courses Taught at HILR

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

A Few of My Favorite HILR Courses

  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Philosophy of Evil
  • Immigration to the US

Activities at HILR

  • Serving on the curriculum, admissions (chair), development, and inclusivity committees
  • Shakespeare and musical theater performances
  • Brown bag presentations

What I Value about HILR

My work life was quite varied and intense, and I was a workaholic. As I gradually retired, I was concerned with finding a focal point in my new life that would be stimulating and demanding. I wanted to join a community with similar interests.

HILR is definitely that community. Who knew I would be a monster in a Shakespeare play? That I would lead a study group? I love that I am trying new things in this accepting community. I immerse myself in study groups that cover safe territory for me, such as history, politics, and current events. But I also delve into areas that feel like more of a reach—probability, cell biology, and poetry.

I have found ways to contribute to the community that draws on some of the skills and experience developed in my professional life.