Profession Before Retirement

Organizational consultant

Interests & Pursuits

  • Habitat for Humanity volunteer/housebuilder
  • Drawing, watercolor, pastels
  • Relentless and habitual baking

Courses Taught at HILR

  • A Tale of Two Cities: Venice and Constantinople 
  • American Nations: a History of our Founding Cultures

A Few of My Favorite HILR Courses

  • History of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kashmir
  • Early History of the Mediterranean
  • The Secular Music of Monteverdi
  • Thomas Mann
  • Pushkin
  • Film Study: Culture Clash
  • 20th-Century European History

Activities at HILR

  • Admissions Committee
  • Friday lectures
  • Hanging out with HILR friends

What I Value about HILR

I’m probably pretty typical of our members: I had a strong desire to go back to school, but without exams and papers to write! And I wanted to learn with other interesting people in my age group.

HILR has more than fulfilled that desire with our vast array of course topics (I have a newly discovered love of history), great discussions guided by peers, and plenty of serious homework.

I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever known, and there’s always more people to meet. There’s a lot of sincere caring about each other when someone is sick or needs help. Over and over again I’m reminded how lucky I am to be part of this very special community.  

I feel challenged by the level of intellect that so many classmates bring to our discussions. And the amount of humor and laughter that punctuate our collaborative learning is a joy in my life.

I wanted to lead a course to give back for all I’ve been getting from the courses I’m taking. This endeavor turned out to be more vast and far more rewarding than I ever expected. One of the best experiences of my life. Rejuvenating!